Homogenized sauces

Homogenized sauces

We have the opportunity to produce a wide range of homogenized liquid products. Everything from mayonnaise-based salad dressings or sauces to tomato-based BBQ sauces.
The products can be completely smooth, such as ordinary mayonnaise, but also contain large particles, such as hamburger dressing. Heat treatment of the products is also possible.

Typical products:

  • Mayonnaise
  • BBQ sauce
  • Rhode Island dressing
  • Hovmästarsås
  • Ketchup
  • Salad dressing
  • Bearnaise sauce
  • Aioli
  • Chili sauce
  • etc.


The film to the right shows when Aioli, which is a homogenized sauce, is filled into bottles.

Homogenized sauces

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