Environmental policy


In our work with the environment and sustainable development, we start from the Environmental Code, taking into account the requirements and wishes of various authorities and organizations. We also apply the precautionary principle – that measures must be taken to avoid harm to the environment and health.


We must comply with current environmental legislation and local municipal regulations.

When choosing suppliers and partners, we shall, if possible, prioritize those who have programs to reduce their impact on the environment.

We will, based on consumer preferences, product safety requirements and existing packaging solutions strive to choose the partners that have the least environmental impact overall.

We will work to minimize the number of transports and choose the most environmentally resource-efficient transport solutions.

We will work to minimize waste as far as is technically and economically defensible, and that waste management at least meet current legal requirements.

We will hire certified partners for external waste and waste management.

In cases where it is economically and process-technically defensible, we must choose the environmentally best technology and solutions for investments or other measures.

We must behave honestly and openly in our external and internal information regarding environmental issues and environmental commitment.

Development work and Selection and Purchase of Raw Materials, Materials and Services

Our work in this area shall be characterized by developing, producing, transporting and selling products and services that provide the least possible environmental impact.

Our business requires an extensive flow of goods and as far as is economically justifiable, the flows that are sustainable and have the least possible environmental impact must be chosen.

Cycles and waste
We shall strive for as environmentally sound management as possible and that the amount of waste that goes to landfill is reduced. We shall also strive for a well-functioning recycling management.

We must be part of the collection systems that affect the business, e.g. REPA and Swedish Glass Recycling

We must have an agreement with a certified partner for the waste management that is part of the business and that you decide on yourself.

Internal environmental work
In our internal work, we shall strive to minimize the environmental impact of all internal operations. This will be done through constant internal communication and training where employees are informed and instructed about our environmental policy and our environmental goals.

BRC Certification

Source Food production is quality certified according to BRC.

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Organic production
Source Food production offers organic raw materials and products that are certified according to EC regulation 834/2007

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